ECS Tuning Dog Bone Mount Insert

ECS Polyurethane Mount InsertThe dog bone mount insert is a fairly cheap mod that stiffens up the stock mount.  It reduces engine movement a small amount.  On manual transmission cars, it is supposed to help provide crisper shifts.  I can’t attest to this though as I have the DSG transmission.  On a DSG car, it does reduce the rubber band effect that happens when you let off the throttle at higher rpms.  Installation is pretty easy if you have a decent jack.  Fitting the the insert requires a little force, maybe a little bit of lube.  Use a rubber safe lubricant.  I used the jack to shove it in.  A plastic mallet may also work.  If you are not looking to replace the mount itself with something stiffer, it’s worth the 30~40 bucks I spent.  I bought it at ECS tuning.  Full replacement mounts currently go for ~200 dollars.   The folks have found a way to diy for about 13 bucks.


I don’t recommend just purchasing the insert alone anymore.  The BSH Pendulum Mount is a complete modification and does a lot more than just the insert alone.  I’d advise you to go with the full pendulum/dog bone mount.


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