European Spec Projector Fog Lights

Euro Fogs


Switching to the Euro spec projector fog lights was one of my first modifications.  The US spec MKV GTI comes with reflector fog lights.  They throw out a scattered beam pattern compared to the European units.  The Euro versions have a sharp cutoff line and a higher quality lens assembly.  They did require me to fit H11 plugs because the car originally came with 9006 spec bulbs.  I originally bought the pair for 300 from  They are now available through various outlets for about 200 or less with the proper 9006 to H11 adapter plugs.  ECStuning has them for a decent price with the correct adapters.

Quick Review

The projector fogs feel much more substantial than the reflector units. The lens / cover is all glass. This makes it a little more susceptible to impact damage. I’d recommend purchasing some kind of protection film, maybe Lamin-x or the equivalent. The beam pattern has a sharp cutoff and the light is focused well. The height is fully adjustable. The projector lens looks better than the reflector unit but that shouldn’t be the sole reason you purchase these. Now that the prices are lower and the proper adapters are included, these are a nice upgrade to the fog light system.

There are cheaper alternatives to the OEM version floating around eBay and various other vendors now. The DEPO lights are of excellent quality and I can actually recommend them. The Ziza brand lights are reputed to be poorly built and have no cutoff. Avoid them.


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