Cheaper Oil Filter

Part Number CH9911

Part Number CH9911

Oil filters from the dealership are getting pricey.  The closest dealership (Century Volkswagen in Glendale) now wants 20 dollars. Ridiculous.  So an ever helpful woman at Kragen shows me some filters and to my surprise, a Fram Extra Guard she opened up is exactly the same as the OEM filter.  And it’s only 13 dollars.  I don’t know if it’ll always stay that way so check to make sure.  The part number is CH9911 and says “made in Germany”.  Napa has filters for the BPY engine but they look horrid.  They have no weight and seem poorly made.  Pleating is also half of the German filters.

If you choose to order online, you can find oem or equivalent for a little bit cheaper, but that depends on the shipping.

Here’s a link to the DIY if you need it.


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