APR Stage 1 Chip Flash

Go here for my full review-APR Stage 1 Flash

Got this during the summer sale.  I think it ends on the 31st of July, so if you’re on the fence about this, get it now.  Chipping offers you the best dollar to horsepower ration of any mod for the car.  The car feels much more powerful and this is how it should have come from the factory.  If you want to scratch the mod bug, this is worth it.  APR’s stated flywheel horsepower is 252 hp on 93 octane and 303 ft/lbs of torque.  Horsepower at the wheels should be around ~210 to 220 and 260 torque.

Torque doesn’t feel as linear as stock.  Torque is equivalent to stock tuning at lower revs, but now there is a nice wallop of torque once you hit 3000 rpms.  Peak psi is around 21 and tapers of to around 13 or 14 at redline.  The K03 turbo just cant flow that much air at higher rpms.

You don’t need anything to run a stage 1 flash, but just be aware of a few things.  First, you diverter valve may blow. Not catastrophic by any means and it’s quite common, but you won’t hold any boost when it goes.  Second, your pcv may go.  You lose a couple of psi across the board if this happens.  There are aftermarket fixes for both these problems from BSH, Forge, and Eurojet.  I’m sure I’m missing a few more.


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