BSH Pendulum Mount

BSH PEND Intaken058

BSH Pendulum Mount


This is BSH’s pendulum mount, also known as the dogbone mount.  It replaces the stock cast unit with a stronger anodized billet piece which features polyurethane bushings and stainless steel hardware.  It also includes an insert to stiffen the subframe mount as well.


Installation is easy provided you have a breaker bar for the subframe mount bolt.  That thing is in there tight.  Other than that, it is a very straightforward unbolt and replace procedure.  This is the easiest of the three mounts to replace.  The two other mounts must be replaced as a pair.  Only the pendulum mount can be replaced as a single piece.  There is an installation manual on the BSH website but it seems to be down at the moment.  Here is an excellent one from the golfmkv forums.  Installation


I’ve had the mount on for quite  a bit now.  It attaches at the bottom of the tranny case and links to the subframe.  This keeps the engine from rocking back and forth under throttle.  Build quality is great.  It is black anodized aluminum and comes with stainless hardware.  BSH isn’t known for pretty bits but I’ll say this piece is rather beautiful to hold.

NVH is very close to stock and after it all settles in you won’t be able to tell you changed it in terms of vibration.  Engine response feels much better because there is less of that rubber band effect when putting your foot down.  Wheel hop is also reduced.  This also supposedly makes shifting in a manual transmission car a little quicker but I can’t comment as I have the DSG transmission.


This is an excellent addition to the car the most owners should make.  There is practically no NVH penalty and the part is cheap in terms of mods.  The part performs its duty well with excellent fit and finish to top it off.  Highly recommended and one of my favorite mods.

BSH Pendulum Mount aka Dogbone Mount


4 thoughts on “BSH Pendulum Mount

  1. Thank you for the review. It helped me decide to install one in my 08 GTi and I really liked it. There was no added vibration and less wheel hop when accelerating hard.

    Hope to read more reviews from you.

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