AWE Vent Mounted Boost Gauge

AWE GaugeThe AWE vent gauge was one of my earlier modifications.  A boost gauge is another essential mod to this car, especially once you start modding a little bit.  The most important reason for having one isn’t so much as to know what your max boost is, it’s to find out whether you have a problem somewhere along the line.  Knowing whether or not you’re losing boost pressure can help you figure out what is going on with your engine.

There are countless options for siting a gauge.  AWE’s sits on the aforementioned driver’s side vent.  Eurojet’s upcoming solution also sits there.  VMR has a gauge that sits in the center stack vent.  New South has one that locates on the steering column.  For aesthetics, I think the vent gauges look the cleanest.  The New South gauge is cheaper than most but its placement on the steering column just looks plain ugly to me.

Edit 7/29:  I added a stock photo from AWE’s website to show how clean this thing looks.  I recommend purchasing the AWE gauge if you can.  Installation was easy enough thanks to precise instructions.  If you need help, you can ask your friendly neighborhood forum- i.e., or


There are now countless variations of the vent pod gauge.  The best way to get a feel for them is to search the forums for some information.  The AWE gauge is still my recommendation and the gauge is now purely electric, eliminating any buzz that mechanical gauges might have.


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