If you are anywhere close to a Volkswagen enthusiast, you need to go grab yourself a VAGCOM.  It’s basically a cable that allows your laptop to communicate with the proprietary VAG interface on your car.  It allows you to customize many different electronic functions on your car.  For example, you can kill the DRL’s, the nanny chimes and dings, and enable remote window controls.  More importantly, it  allows you to diagnose problems that may occur down the line without having to go to a dealer.  Definitely a plus.  Unfortunately, the dealers are mostly apathetic to your concerns, especially if it involves free work, aka warranty.  I picked mine up used for a great price.  They are a bit pricey new, but still totally worth it. Visit for more information.

Don’t bother to get the fake ones on eBay.  They don’t work with the software.


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