DSG Transmission Oil Change

I love the DSG transmission, and it’s one of the reasons I chose the car over the competition.  It does have it’s fair share of problems (general clunkiness and mechatronics issues) though.  On recent 2008/2009 cars, either the mechatronics unit (the brains of the transmission) or some sensor within keeps taking a dive.  The transmission then refuses to shift into gear or some other general garbage until you restart the car.  Hopefully these people are still under warranty because it is expensive to fix this tranny.  These are considered to be a bad batch though, as many other people have not had the issues.  VW has issued various TSB’s and fixes regarding certain DSG errors.  Regardless, proper maintenance needs to performed.

The oil, along with the filter is recommended to be replaced every 40,000 miles, more often when the car is modded.  ECS Tuning has a oil change kit that is decently priced.  DBCPerformance also carries the kit.  You do need a special tool however, which ECS also sells.  If you are technically inclined, it is easy to do and saves you a headache from the dealer.  I’ve called 2 local dealerships and both told me that the fluid does not need to be changed.  Other dealerships (not local) have been known to ask upwards of 500 dollars…ridiculous.  So learn to do it yourself!  The TDI club has a GREAT writeup on how to do it.  Here’s the DIY


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