Here’s a pair of pictures from my buddy’s MazdaSpeed 3.  The top one is of the top mount intercooler, the second picture is just a detail of the oil cap.  This thing hauls, period.  Midrange torque is incredible.  Power delivery is not as smooth as the GTI and the engine itself runs out of breath past 5,000 or so rpm.  It’s a very nice car with more sporting pretensions than the GTI.  However, the interior is just a step below, the engine is thirsty and in my opinion, not as fun to wind out.  It’s great value for money though, 263 horses on tap and a healthy dose of torque.  Can’t argue with the pure visceral thrill the car delivers.  Whereas my chipped GTI delivers a relatively smooth onset of torque, the MS3 just drops it all at once.  Vicious indeed.  I wouldn’t take it over the VW though, the chassis just feels, well, German.  Here’s a detail of the oil cap, it’s a nice, heavy piece.  My oil cap is jealous.  MS3 Oil Cap


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