Energy Suspension Brackets

Energy Suspension Bushings 27mmThese fantastic pieces are made by Energy Suspension.  They’re actually the brackets supplied by BSH for their swaybar.

Energy Suspension makes some of the best poly bushings for almost any application.  Why?  Because they have a few features to make sure that they stay as noise free as possible.  If you’ve never heard a poorly greased poly bushing, you are lucky.  It’s incredibly irritating.  That is why I recommend avoiding the Neuspeed bar.  It makes so much noise.  They don’t have the grease channels or the zerks of the Energy Suspension bushings.

They make many different sizes of bushings, so if you have another swaybar, you could probably find something that fits.  Another thing to note are the different colors Energy Suspension sells.  The black ones are graphite impregnated.  Can’t say how much of a difference that would make but technically it should make less noise.  Polyurethane takes the slop out of the stock rubber bushings.

H&R swaybars though, have a well designed bushing.  They have included a teflon insert (at least for the MKV bars) so that it doesn’t squeak.

If your bushings squeak, try using a polyurethane specific grease like this.


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