Suspension Installed!!!! But-

There are freaking noises.  Like clunking and groaning.  I spent most of the weekend diagnosing the noises.  So far I’ve:

Tightened all related bolts, replaced driverside endlink (old one wouldn’t tighten well anymore), double checked installation, tightened subframe bolts-

I think I got rid of the clunking, all that is left is some spring binding and groaning (normal issues) that I DO have some solutions to.  I will also triple check the top strut nut.  To be fair, I haven’t really let anything settle in yet, so we shall see where the noises go from here.

The car does ride nicely and I love the drop.  I need to dial in some more stiffness in the rear shocks though, the front seems perfectly set already.

Sigh, why can’t things ever turn out like the paper instructions said it would.  Damm you printer!  You lied!


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