New Tires!

I recently got a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires.  Wow, long name.  First impressions so far, they’re great!  The ride is quiet and smooth and they are sticky.  They seem to want more pressure than the stock tires though.  At the stock tire pressure, they felt a little too soft.  Increasing the pressure another 2-3 psi from the door sticker seemed to wake them up a little bit.  Note that the 2008 GTI’s have a recommended tire pressure of 38 psi vs 36 psi for my 07.  I’ll go a little higher and see if the ride/handling improves or starts to take a dive.  They’re not fully through the break-in period yet so I’ll update as they come along.


4 thoughts on “New Tires!

  1. Ive got to be honest, I really dont think tyres have that much effect.

    I have run many many tyres and never noticed that much difference in them, maybe my car is just set up too harsh to really notice the difference?

    You might want to remember that tyre pressure will change when the tyres get hotter you don’t want too little grip when they heat up

  2. Hey Anthony, what setup is on your car? I’m not too sure which way a harsher setup affects tires. It might work them harder. The stock tires were Continental all seasons, which are just average as far handling goes. The new ones are decently biased towards performance. For what it’s worth, better tires are the recommended first mod for handling.

    I’ve ran through a few tires on another car with a very harsh setup. The tires do make a noticeable difference as far as grip goes.

    I am not going to go very far with the psi, maybe just another lb. For my driving, they are not heating up too much. They are at the 38/37 now.

    Either way, I’m curious about your setup. Thanks for the insight!

  3. No probs,

    I used to use the car for drifting, so on track we would up the pressure to help loose a little traction in the cold weather or early mornings when you’re practising, then play with them to increase the grip.

    Some days we would run water onto the track in the grid line just to cool the tyres down and prolong their life.

    It’s been raining this morning and ive been having some real traction issues at the rear of the car, but I blame the suspension being so hard, (coilovers with 8/6 spring rates with rebound set to hard).

    Tyre pressure and tread pattern make the most difference in grip i find, rather than manufacturer specific, though im suprised you can tell the difference between a couple of PSI difference 🙂

  4. The tire pressure thing makes me sound crazy doesn’t it haha. But I think that most of the difference I feel is the result of changing ride quality. You may be right about me not being able to notice a few psi in the handling department. Maybe I’m simply attributing it to ride quality differences? I do not have any track experience at all. There is a difference though, I’d be lying if I said it was all the same.
    What car is it? Is it on your site?
    On a side note, how do you use the car as a daily on such a hard setting? That’s gotta be unpleasant at the least!

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