Thar She Blows!

Dammit, one of the rear dampers is blown.  I bought the shocks used but I didn’t think they were gonna be garbage.  Only one blew but now I don’t trust the others.  I’ll just rebuild the rear one and sell them off.  Sigh-  I am going to back to stock, kinda.  I bought a set of very low mileage (~1000 mi.) MK6 GTI takeoffs and I’m going to see if the valving is firmer the the stock MKV.  Hopefully, the spring rate is a little higher as well. If not, well, then that sucks.

Back to 4×4 status.

I love the ride quality of the Koni/Neuspeed setup but after a blast through the mountains the other week, I don’t feel as confident with the car as I did with the stock setup.  Maybe it was the blown shock (which isn’t fully out yet) but it never felt like it wanted to be rushed.  I will say that steering feel was diminished once I lowered the car.  It almost felt as if the car was a little less lively through the wheel.  Real or not?  Dunno, it just felt that way.

Don’t take this as a knock on the Konis or the Neuspeeds.  The Konis are very nice, just maybe you should get them new (unless you’re getting them rebuilt anyways).  You’ll never truly know how the previous owner treated them.  Chalk that one up to lessen learned.   The Neuspeeds are excellent in their own right-nice ride and the drop is not too low.

Oh well, lets try another setup.



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