MK6 Suspension

So the old suspension is out and I’ve replaced it a fresh set of springs and shocks from a MK6 GTI.  I never realized how well the stock GTI handles.  Seems to have more confidence in the corners.  It also feels like it’s more fun to drive.  Lowering springs may have affected the geometry enough to mar the steering feel.

The suspension pieces between both models are completely interchangeable.  The valving and spring rates may be different, but as far as fit, they are identically.


(Available information suggests that the MK6 and MK5 cars share exactly the same springs and shocks, at least for the US market.  The rear sway bar was supposed to be larger than the MK5 as well, but it may very well not be.)


2 thoughts on “MK6 Suspension

  1. So there’s no drop in the mk6 springs?
    I am interested in the Driver’s Gear Springs, but only because they lower around 3/4″

    • The height is the same as the 08 and up GTI’s. The Driver Gear springs are great because they don’t lower too much, come with new front bumpstops and are linear. If I could do it all again, I would get them. Many aftermarket springs are progressively wound and can be noisy when you are driving on a bumpy road. It sounds almost like groaning sometimes. Rubber isolators can reduce this noise to an extent but I would rather have linear springs to begin with.

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