Polyurethane Bushing Woes – Polyurethane Specific Grease

Prothane Super Grease

Squeaks got you down?  Nobody likes to hear the squeaks coming from a dry poly bushing.  It’s irritating and for some reason manages to bypass any sound insulation that your car has.  Regular grease usually just washes out after a month or so and may even be harmful to the long term health of your poly bushings.  I’ve never experienced regular grease attacking my poly bushings but there are a few accounts of just that floating around the interwebs.  I can’t exactly say if it’s fact or fiction.  Mobil 1 synthetic seems to be commonly recommended but Mobil 1 in my experience doesn’t seem up to the task of staying on sway bar bushings and such.  One good hit with water and the squeaking starts.  Either that or it eventually gets all squeezed out.

After some searching, I found that Prothane sells a silicone based lube with PTFE for use with poly bushings.  I have a hunch that it might be silicone lube from a company called Super Lube.  But I can’t confirm it.  The Prothane grease (appropriately called super grease) is really tacky and thick.  It’s kinda pricey at 25 shipped but if it’ll save me from having to regrease my bushings once every few weeks, then it’ll be worth it.  You can find it at several vendors online, just search for Prothane super grease.  It comes in either a cartridge or a few small packets.  I bought mine from Summit Racing.

So far so good, although I’ve only been using it for a week.  It looks like this will hold up to water, it’s incredibly sticky compared to other multipurpose greases I’ve been using.  Oh, and it’s not supposed to attack anything rubber or poly.  Good stuff.  I’ll update if anything changes (like more noise).


3 thoughts on “Polyurethane Bushing Woes – Polyurethane Specific Grease

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