Lubromoly 5W-40 – New Info

Out with the old, in with the new-

So I waltzed over to the local NAPA Autoparts sometime during the weekend to pick up a spare liter of oil and also to check out whether the rumors of the new lubro were true.  In case you haven’t heard (jeez who wouldn’t right?!  I know!  Those guys, totally out of the loop), the new stuff is group III stock and seems to not have 502 approval?  Instead of saying 502 under approvals, it states them under “recommended” for 502 and a few other standards.  I have no idea if this stuff is as good or better than the old stuff, not until someone releases an oil analysis.  It does smell considerably more chemical like than the older stuff.

Too bad, I really liked the older stuff too.  If anyone has tried it out, please do tell.


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