Updated! – Fuel Filter Installed, More Maintenance

I know this was supposed to be updated last week but since I’ve been sloshed this past holiday weekend, this post is just on time.  Can you say unhealthy?

My new fuel filter just went in over the weekend. Took maybe 15.365 minutes tops, give or take a couple of hundredths of a second.  Didn’t seem too dirty after all.  I’ve read reports of the fuel coming out of the thing being brown but the stuff that came out of mine only had a slight tinge.  I think for my purposes, changing at the suggested 40,000 miles might be a excessive.  I doubled the service interval and noticed no change with the new one.  Good news I suppose.

Those with dirtier gas, although I have absolutely no clue how you would tell, would probably do well to change it at 40,000 miles.

On second thought, changing at 40,000 mile intervals is not too much to ask for.  The filter is only 25 bucks.

I also did my oil change over the weekend.  I’m pretty sad to say that Lubro Moly 5w40 is hard to find in stores again.  They do have stock of the 0w40 Lubro so I just used that.  We’ll see how good the oil is compared to their 5w40.

I bought my filters at DBCPerformance.com.  Good company to deal with.  Or you can also go to germanfilters.com.  Similar pricing and free shipping on orders above 55 dollars.


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