Drain Your Catch Can

I’m seeing a few searches for how to drain the BSH catch can. The absolute easiest way to do it is to take the can out of the engine bay itself.  Yes that means getting the tools out and wrenching in the engine bay for a few minutes, but it’s less messy.  We don’t want that crud draining in your engine bay do we?

Just remove the hose clamps and undo the bracket.  Then drain into your favorite container.

If you have one with a dipstick, or a method of accessing the can from the top, I’ve read of other people using a big syringe to siphon out the contents.

I don’t know how the other catch cans are designed but they all pretty much work the same way.  There’s limited space in that area of the MKV engine bay and it’s just easier to pull the thing out.  *that’s what she said* Oh Snap!


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