DSG Maintenance

Since I’ve hit around the 80,000 mile mark (82,000 to be exact), it’s time to do another DSG fluid change.  It’s relatively cheap to do it yourself if you already have a VAG-COM and the drain tool.  Otherwise, you might be adding a few hundred to the expense.  There are ways to make yourself a a fill tool, rather inexpensively I might add.  I’ll send the link your way when I find it.  The VAG-COM, which is used for measuring the temperature and resetting the adaptation, is harder to substitute for.  You might want to try to find a buddy or someone local that has one.

I might mention that the 40,000 mile interval DSG service is rather important and you shouldn’t skip out on it, especially if you’re chipped or modded.  It’s a small investment compared to the cost to repair the thing if it flakes.  You want the thing in tip top condition.

The fluid, filter and washers come out to 140 dollars shipped from DBC Performance.  I should be getting it today.  Expect at least a few shots and a writeup if you’re lucky.  Although TDI Club already has a very well written writeup, much better than I could write.  And since I’m so nice, here you go!  DSG Writeup (should be the first link)


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