Brake Check

Since I’m on a maintenance streak, I might as well write about the brakes as well.  Undoubtedly you’ve wondered about what type of awesome brake pads you should get once yours wear down.  If you haven’t well, you should.  Upgraded car parts are too awesome to ignore.

The stock GTI pads have decent stopping and low dust.  They do the job well enough.  But the response they give you is pretty vague.  Enter my recommendation.  If you’re looking for a mild upgrade from the stock pads, give the Hawk HPS pads a try.  Prices are not too bad for a set of front and rear brakes.  They are quiet and have decent dusting.  They add a little linearity to the braking process as well.  The stock pads are rather vague when it comes to communicating how much braking you’re actually doing.

If you don’t mind a little noise and occasional squealing, the Hawk HP+ pads are supposed to offer vastly superior braking performance, but with the aforementioned drawbacks.  I haven’t personally tried them, this is from the vast knowledge base of the interwebs.

A side note about the rear brakes.  The MKV has either a stronger rear brake bias, or the rear oem pads just plain wear out faster.  They wear at twice the rate of the fronts.  Unfortunately the rear pads don’t have any sensor warnings (unlike the fronts) so you’ll have to pull them to check whether they are worn down.  They usually squeal when they’re worn but sometimes the damage to the rotor is already done.


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