Bah, Sensor Issues!

I took  a trip to Las Vegas recently, (where I promptly lost money) and on the way there, I finally experienced one of the joys of owning a Volkswagen, a beautiful check engine light.  It was glowing, there in my dash, taunting me with its haunting beauty.  (Somewhat long winded story ahead, cut to the chase by scrolling down)

Well, the damn thing started kicking and bucking as I was headed down I-15, maybe 30 miles or so from Primm (now renamed Terrible?)  I couldn’t accelerate smoothly, the throttle wouldn’t respond and the engine just cut out intermittently.  Quite annoying when you’re trying to make it to the side from the fast lane.  I should mention that it was about 106~107 degrees or more outside, that’s really the only time it started doing this.  Basically no throttle and minimal power.  I couldn’t pass this big rig going literally 30 mph without the power cutting.

Anyways, I limped to Primm and was able to let the car cool off.  I needed to scan the car, thankfully I brought a netbook along.  Low pressure fuel codes come up.  Usually it means your fuel pump / follower has gone off the deep end, but I know mine is in good condition.  Another problem that will bring up a low fuel pressure code is the thrust sensor, located right off the high pressure fuel pump.  It’s almost certainly this pos sensor that caused me so much trouble.  There is a TSB out for it so they should fix it under warranty, unless the TSB expired already or you’re out of warranty.

Anyways, once the temperature cooled off a bit, the car never acted up again, until the ride home, where it started losing power around the same area.  Again temps seem to have played a role in this. It was fine the rest of the way.

Short Version:

This is the updated sensor’s part number: 06E-906-051-K

If this sensor isn’t reading correctly it may cause a low fuel pressure code to be set and it may also cause a check engine light to be set off.  You will know if it’s acting up because it will essentially cause a fuel cut.  Very unpleasant feeling I must say.

It is screwed right into the side of the high pressure fuel pump.  I’ll get a picture up when I get the part in.  It is around 36 dollars plus shipping from online dealers and I hear around 50 straight from the dealer.


2 thoughts on “Bah, Sensor Issues!

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