Braking Things


See what I did there?  You know, with the title and things?  Clever aren’t I?

Time to do some more maintenance.  I recently received these suckers in the mail.  I ordered them from  You need a total of four of them.  They are kinda spendy at 33 bucks shipped for four but anything to make bleeding a little faster.  AND you don’t need to hold someone hostage for an hour!  Everybody wins!

The part number is SB1010S.  I haven’t confirmed the fit yet, as I have yet to install them.  They’ll be going on this weekend.  The thread size is M10x1.0.  To go along with bleeding, I also have in my possession, the finest Cambodian bre… I mean one of the finest brake fluids for the money, ATE SuperBlue.  20 bucks shipped for a liter at

Among other things, I also fitted a set of PBR XBG (formerly PBR Metal Masters) rear pads.  They’ll be up for review in a little bit.

I’ll let you all know how well this all works out after I install them!


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