Spark Plugs for the 2.0T FSI BKR7EIX

(Last updated 2/3/2011) Please note that the a new oem spark plug has been recently specified for the 2.0 engines : 06H 905 601 A. Click here for more information

These are one step cooler than the older plugs, so it seems that these NGK’s are the new corrected heat range anyway.

These NGK iridium plugs are the smoothest running spark plugs I have tried in my car so far.  I don’t know what it is about them but they feel great!  This is all seat of the pants impressions, but they feel much better than the BKR6EIX numbers that I had in there before.  Those were the stock heat range by the way.

The BKR7EIX plugs are one heat range cooler than the stock plugs.  So far it seems to complement the stage 1 tune.  My car has ran on these plugs so far:

stock heat range copper plugs (BKR6E I believe) – car seemed to hate them, gas mileage down, power was meh

stock heat range NGK iridiums (BKR6EIX) – car was fine with them, I used them for 30,000 miles

stock VW Bosch’s – car ran just fine, if not a little better than the NGK’s above

one heat range cooler NGK’s (BKR7EIX) – car seems to love these, just a feeling that I cannot quantify, smoother acceleration, better   midrange power

My car is chipped, which may account for why it wants a cooler plug although APR recommends stock heat range plugs.  Can’t hurt to try them though if you need new plugs and have a tune.

The plugs are NGK BKR7EIX (note, no -11 suffix, that would be the wrong gap size)

The stock number is 2667

stock photo awesomeness


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