DIY Oil Change Video!

Well you all know I didn’t do it.  I can’t even get pictures up in time.  User akwon on the forum created a great video on how to change the oil on the 2.0T FSI.  It cannot get any clearer than this folks.  Here’s the link –

FYI:  The video references a 1/8″ allen key to remove the lower undertray.  This may fit but I believe the actual screw is a T-25 torx bit-

For the original thread, click on the link above.

Video credit goes to Andrew. Thanks for the video!

Visit his site -> !


3 thoughts on “DIY Oil Change Video!

  1. As often as possible is not necessary and is being wasteful. There is a point of diminishing return. Scheduled maintenance is one thing but changing oil too often will not provide any extra benefits.

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