Eurosport Rear Stress Bar

Eurosport Rear Stress Bar

Here’s a new one; a Eurosport rear stress bar.  I just got it in the other day.  Installation is not exactly a bolt on affair but it’s super easy provided you have the correct drill bits and measure correctly.  Remember, measure twice, cut once, or in this case, drill once.  Yes, you heard correctly, this requires some drilling.  Installation requires drilling four holes for the 4 self tapping screws included with the bar.  It took me approximately one hour, maybe even less.  The included instructions are clear and easy enough.

Closeup of Mounting Point


I bought this to stiffen up the rear hatch area when I was carrying heavier loads in the back.  It may not be the most ideal mounting solution to stiffen up the rear but it does help a little.  Combined with the Stern subframe brace, the rear end feels tighter and more solid in turns.  It can be a bit of a hassle if you have a longer or larger object.  It is easily removable but I don’t know how much abuse the drilled threads would take.  A much better mounting solution would’ve involved using nutserts but that requires absolute precision in mounting.

Worth it?

If I could do it all over again, I’d get the Stern subframe brace first and go from there.  That single piece made that biggest difference in the rear.  A rear stress bar in the MKV platform only reinforces the box area.  It does not take the load off struts or anything else because of the rear suspension design.  The rear suspension is not a McPherson strut design.   The loads in the rear area are taken up by the unibody and the subframe.

In the end, it makes a small difference if any at all.  I would forgo this brace and head for the Stern subframe brace instead.  Or if you can swing the money, this is the ultimate rear hatch brace – Unibrace.  This piece is very pricey but has many good reviews floating around.

Wider View

I bought this rear bar from  The manufacturer’s site is  You can order through them as well.


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