Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5w40

Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5w40

This is a bottle of the so-rare-it’s-magical Pennzoil Ultra Euro in 5W-40 grade.  You are all but guaranteed not to find this stuff in any brick and mortar stores.  I had to order this direct from the Pennzoil site.  It is quite pricey at $50 for six quarts but is reported to be a robust oil.  It has a long list of approvals, including VW’s 502/505 and Audi’s 503.01 spec.  I haven’t poured this in yet, I’ll be trying it out for the next oil change.

OEM Approvals



One thought on “Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5w40

  1. I’m excited to tell everyone that You can get this oil at a dodge dealer if they service sprinter vans ya know the Mercedes/frietliner/dodge van with I 5 diesel and newer ones with 3.0 liter diesel it’s about 8 bucks a quart though but you don’t have to pay 11 bucks shipping or wait a week to get

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