Amber Rear Turn Signals – DIY Mod

Red turn signals have always bothered me.  They’re much harder to notice than amber turn signals and difficult to differentiate from the brake lights in certain cars.  The MKV cars have amber turn signals in Europe but for some reason, the US-spec cars get the horrible red flasher.  Fortunately not all is lost.  A forum member by the name of Darcness came up with a cheap, very easy DIY to incorporate amber turn signals into the US-spec tail lights.  It just requires you to purchase two bulb sockets.  The mod requires some soldering but it is not difficult.  It also requires the use of VAG-COM to change some settings around.

I love this mod, I finished it up a few days ago and the amber turn signals do a much better job of signaling my intent to other drivers.  They are a little dimmer in the daytime but still very noticeable.  At night, they are absolutely fantastic.  I’ll get a picture up ASAP.  I will say that you should use 921NA bulbs in the mod.  It will give you the brightest light in this application.  A 194/168/916 bulb will fit and work but is dimmer than the 921.  The thread on the forum will state that there might be heat issues but with the intermittent nature of a turn signal, that won’t be a problem.  It may not even be a problem with continuous usage.

You’ll need a few things for the DIY:

Soldering iron



Wire strippers

(x2) 921 NA (Amber) wedge bulbs

(x2) bulb holders  (Order these exact ones  Click the link and scroll to the 194/921 wedge pigtail connectors; they are part number 60-XX @ 2.99 each)

EDIT: This site no longer exists. Try looking for 194 bulb sockets or pigtail connectors on ebay. A Google search will also bring up a good amount of sources.

Vag com or someone who has it

And finally the link to his DIY below

Amber Rear Turn Signals – DIY

Can’t thank Darcness enough for his DIY!  If you find his DIY useful, send your thanks his way on that post!

Here’s a video of them in action:

7 thoughts on “Amber Rear Turn Signals – DIY Mod

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  3. The site that you suggest for the bulb sockets is no longer available, any idea where they moved to? Do you know of a different supplier? This is an amazing DIY can’t wait to do this. I don’t know why our cars don’t come with amber’s from factory.

    • Hello,

      I wasn’t aware that the site is no longer available, sorry about that. I don’t know of an another supplier that I’ve used but you can search for a “194 bulb socket” and that should bring up some leads. Ebay usually has small parts like this if you need something cheap to test. The euro cars do come like this, maybe they were changed for some DOT standard.

      On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 1:02 PM, markFive GTI wrote:


  4. I am really interested in having Darcness do this Mod for me but it’s unclear to me how to actually contact him to make the arrangements. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, the 194 bulb sockets can be purchased here. They are excellent quality, soft rubber with a substantial gauge lead wires. Just got some for a different project.

    • Hey there,

      I don’t believe Darcness is doing this anymore. Unfortunately, some members had some trouble with getting their stuff done or receiving goods. I don’t know if it was resolved so the DIY is our only choice at the moment.

      Thank you for the link to the bases. They should work well for this project.

      On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 4:52 PM, markFive GTI wrote:


  5. This was a great post that I saved some time ago. I finally got around to attempting the project only to find the photos are no longer displayed in the Darcness post. I was wondering if anyone has the step by steps with the photos. Even a text description of what was cut, spliced and rerouted to power the new bulb socket would be immensely helpful. Any help would be appreciated.

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