Fog Light Trim Project


Painting Trim

Working on painting the trim above the fog lights.  Hopefully the paint matches up.  I’ll update once the paint cures and I have it polished up next week.

3/28/2011 Update:

I had to sand and reprimer all over again.  The color match was way off.  I am now trying Duplicolor perfect match, which brought its own set of problems.  The paint lifted on one of the pieces, I’m assuming due to poor prep work/paint incompatibility.  I was also getting some nasty sags that were not present with the Krylon paint.  The Duplicolor paint requires a much more accurate application.  To much and it sags, too little and you get orange peel.   What a pain.  Anyway, I have it clear coated now and it looks good, not perfect.  I just need to let it cure and then polish  I will probably redo them in the near future but I will wait to see how durability is.  I’m not even sure how the color match with Duplicolor is yet.

Here are a few dirty shots:


Duplicolor Candy White with Clear




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