BSH Throttle Body Pipe – Quick Overview

BSH 2.0T FSI Throttle Pipe

This lovely piece is the BSH throttle body inlet pipe.  The BSH pipe has two built in bungs to make installing water-meth easier.  The pipe supports running the stock noise pipe, a diverter valve relocation or blocking it off completely.  The threaded block-off is sealed with an o-ring.  The theory is that larger diameter piping replaces the stock pipe and reduces restrictions before the throttle body.  BSH does not claim power gains with this part.  They suggests that gains come in the form of drivability with better throttle response and nicer top end.  I’m inclined to believe them.  I’ve had the pipe installed for a few days and engine response has improved.  The biggest improvement I’ve felt is in the midrange.  The engine feels “meatier” for lack of a better word.  It’s nice enough of an improvement that I don’t quite trust myself.  It could be all in my head, but it certainly feels good.  I got mine from DBCPerformance.  This is it on the BSH website.  Look around as the prices vary between vendors.

I’ll have a full review in a little bit, as for now, check out the pictures:

Water-meth bung

Threaded Noise Pipe Block-Off

I think this is the lower water-meth bung, or maybe the map sensor


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