Ultra Racing Chassis Mid-Brace

Ultra Racing Mid-Brace (Part Number: UR-ML4-1193)

Sometime last week, I had the unfortunate luck of witnessing a pretty nasty accident on the nearby 5 South. There was a pretty large amount of debris and I didn’t see some on the roadway and ran right over it. It dislocated my downpipe, took out both the chassis mid-braces and scratched up a few of the plastic bits. I had to remove the mid-braces to straighten them, as they were bent and were actually what caused the exhaust to dislocate. Holding them in my hands to straighten them, they are not very strong pieces at all. They’re made of thin gauge steel and I can’t really imagine them doing too much, unless they are constantly in tension.

Compared to stock brace

Being slightly obsessive about replacing damaged items, I used the opportunity to buy a mid-brace from a company called Ultra Racing. I don’t really know much about them other than they are a Malaysian based company. They have a large number of products for many cars but I mostly chose them because their bracing looks like it might actually do something. GT Spec has a set of replacement aluminum bracing but it is a two piece design compared to UR’s design.

Installation is very easy, eight 13mm bolts and you are done. Fit is really spot on. The stock braces required a bit of pulling but I don’t know if that is because of prior damage related to the accident. This particular brace, part number UR-ML4-1193, is actually for the MK6. The MK5 has its own design for the mid-brace but I don’t like it as it attaches with only 4 bolt points as opposed to all eight of the stock pieces. I think the MK5 design has another UR brace that is supposed to attach there as well. The MK5 and MK6 share the same basic chassis and braces designed for the MK6 look better overall. The MK6 brace fits just the same.

Anyway, its all bolted up. Clearances are great, nothing rattles and it should be infinitely stronger than the flimsy stock braces. I bought it for $150 on Ebay. It shipped from Malaysia but got here in about a week and a half. That’s quick!


13 thoughts on “Ultra Racing Chassis Mid-Brace

  1. Great review.
    I always did think those oem braces were wimpy!

    How thick is the steel on the URC Mid-Brace?

    Are they a shallow indented (stamped) bar, or a almost flat tube shape?

  2. Yea, those stock braces are very flimsy. I’ve seen the braces underneath a Mazdaspeed 3 and they are much stiffer and stronger.

    The steel is not too thick, I didn’t measure it but I would say around 2-3mm? I can’t really say. It felt quite sturdy though.

    The material is not stamped, it looks like they take flat tube stock and weld them together. The quality is pretty good with even powder coating all around.

  3. Is the front lower brace UR-LA4-326,
    which ties the subframe area to the fron of the tunnel mid-brace area likely for the future?

  4. Just got a brace.
    good overall construction, but the flanges aren’t flat to eachother.

    1 is angles off flat by 1/8″ and another by a little bit.

    I can shim them so they aren’t adding any twist when I tighten everything down, but it’s irritating.

    How flat was the example you got?

    • Hey Michael, do you mean they aren’t flat in the horizontal plane? I can’t really say for sure whether mine was 100 percent flat but it shouldn’t add any twist of its own nor affect anything. It’ll help box up that rear section. You see what I mean by how flimsy those braces are though. The brace got rid of a creak that I had when going up my driveway. In any case, I really do think you’ll be fine with the mild offset, just be careful when torquing down the bolts, I’ve heard that people have broken them from wrenching on them too hard.

  5. They probably tried to use the torque to flatten out the flanges flat on the chassis. Mr. Torque Wrench is our friend!

    On mine, the box frame is flat, but 2 flanges are welded at an angle.
    1/8″ up the outside corners on 1 side.
    If it was just 1 flange, I wouldn’t make a fuss, but 2 are misalligned. If I put it in the press at work, the weld might break on 1 corner.
    I actually want to make some aluminium shim wedges to allow for proper torque & no air gap between chassis/frame.
    Or I’ll bend it and if it breaks, get it rewelded!

    (if they don’t replace or suggest a fix of their own)
    I emailed them pics, but I have no picture host yet, or I would cc you.

  6. Hey Michael, if you want you could send me the pictures via email. I’m interested in what the brace they sent you looks like.

    • ah…
      9 pics for 15.3mb
      I’ve either forgotten or never had your email….
      I sub’d to the blog by submitting my email…
      Sorry. Please email it to me.

      I have to get off my lazy ass & get an online pic storage soon.

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