Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! 2012 is here and it’s going to be a good one!

Just a few quick updates for this post…

First things first, sorry for the extreme lack of updates, the MKV front is getting a little older and a little quieter. That’s alright though, the MKV generation of cars has been holding up pretty well. The FSI follower problem has been troublesome for a lucky few and there are various small sensor/peripheral problems (thrust sensor, low pressure fuel pump, pcv and diverter valves etc.)  that owners have had to deal with but overall, the cars have been robust. Maintenance just needs to be kept up to date. I recently rolled past 108,000 miles and the car runs great.

Still coming for the month of January:

The recently mentioned aftermarket cam follower is still awaiting final finishing but the company states that it should be released as soon as this month. This follower is supposed to provide 3x the life of the OEM follower by using a different surface treatment (hard chroming). If the product lives up to its promises, FSI owners can rest just a little bit easier about their cam follower issues.

The Koni Yellow Dampers are holding up well and I think I finally got the rebound settings perfect for the stock springs. When you have adjustable dampers, it’s almost impossible to just pick a setting and not fiddle with them. They tempt you at every corner. I’ll do a write up with the settings soon.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • I’m assuming that the Golf TDI is the equivalent of the GTD over there? The TDI is actually on my next car list. I’d love to move over to a MK6 TDI but I can’t really justify it yet. The car is running well and is in great condition. I can’t let her go just yet, she’s been too good to me. I do love the TDI’s though.

    • There are a number of options in the Diesel range now with the main ones being 140 PS and 170 PS (GTD). The newer models moved over to common rail injection and are supposed to be very smooth. The new GTD has been comfortably remapped to 200 BHP with 400+ NM of Torque and this is all DPF friendly. The DSG gearbox has also handled the added torque with no reported issues.

      Late models in the MK5 TDI range that had the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted seemed to have initial problems with clogging but this was probably down to the driving style. The DPF is self regenerating but requires Exhaust Gas Temperature to be high enough to remove soot and pressure build up.

      With this you can see 50 MPG as well. Diesels dont seem as popular in the US but they popular in Europe even with the higher cost of fuel.

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