Camshaft and Cam Follower Warranty Extension


In addition to the pcv and intake manifold motor, Volkswagen also extended the warranty on the camshaft, cam follower and high pressure fuel pump to 120,000 miles or 10 years. As before, they will reimburse any out of pocket expenses related to failure of any of these components provided you have proof of payment and repair. Keep in mind this does not cover replacing followers, only components that have failed or have insufficient hardening. Look through the following letter and see what applies to you.For more information, check out my other posts:Cam Follower Camshaft and Cam Follower Warranty Extension

Camshaft and Cam Follower Warranty Extension

9 thoughts on “Camshaft and Cam Follower Warranty Extension

  1. Hey thanks for this! Is there any way you can send me a copy of the extended warranty papers? Thank again!

  2. I just got an 06 GTI, with 80k miles and the guy that owned it prior to myself did little to no maintenance.I will say it is the funnest car ive driven but I dont have the time and from what Im reading time or spare cash to put into this,after about 2 days it started sounding like a diesel and clackity slapity bs was not nice so im looking at 1200.00 for a freakin cam chain and tensioner,and I dont know if the timing belt has been done.No disrespect but these sound like a freakin nightmare.Are the newr ones less hassle?

    • Hey, sorry about all the troubles. The car does sound like a diesel, even straight from the factory, just the nature of direct injection. I’m curious as to what this cam chain / tensioner issue is. Are you currently having problems with the engine or is it giving you trouble in any way? Is this a dealer diagnosis?

      I will say that the TSI engines seem to be a little less problematic. They have their own share of issues but nothing like the cam follower issue.

      On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 10:44 AM, markFive GTI

  3. Hey better late than never,thanx for the input.The tensioner broke and so the chain was basically riding the top of the piston type thing on the tensioner causing a bit of stretching,but doesnt sound like a diesel anymore actually it nice and quite.Must say again its by far the funnest car Ive driven[2 audi a-4’s,4 bmw’s,a mini,etc]but now the hpfp is leaking and it smells like gas when standing in the front.So we will see whats what and again thanx.

  4. Hey there so I had the gas smell for a month and a half and decided to check it myself after the service guy said they didnt smell gas,so decided to take the hpfp off and have a look at the ever so infamous CAM FOLLOWER,and yes she has no black left on top.Still pretty thick or so it seems but looks like normal wear but now I freakin cant get the[and I assume its the banjo bolt from the shape]to go the freak back in and I also assume from my readings this is intended to be replaced.Ok so have leak just under the sensor on the front side of hpfp,dealer said naw,wanted to fix myself and see cam follower,driving good but gas smell and check engine light here and there.Now I still have the leak,going to get follower now but not sure about b bolt,cam lobe has some wear also not a ton and i busted the little niple on the radiator hose three way connector thingy.Any input would be welcome.

    • Hey there, I fortunately never had to deal with the banjo bolt.

      The banjo bolt can take some work to line up again. Maybe there is a washer that you missed? What is leaking from your hpfp? Is it the brass sensor on the left hand side or the brass valve on the right hand side?

      The easiest way to diagnose would be to have the code scanned by someone with access to VAG-COM. That would direct you to where the ecu sees a problem.

      Do you have any pictures of what was broken or giving you problems? Is the fuel smell directly coming from the engine compartment? As for the vacuum hose, send me a picture and I can help you locate the part. This thread may also help:

      On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 9:40 AM, markFive GTI

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