PCV and Intake Manifold Motor – Volkswagen Warranty Letters

I finally got around to uploading the warranty extension letters that Volkswagen sent out regarding the pcv and the intake manifold motor. These letters were (or are still) being sent out to owners to inform them that the warranty on these parts has been extended to 120,000 miles or 10 years. If you have replaced any of the affected parts from you own pocket, Volkswagen will reimburse you for the costs, provided you have all the receipts still.For more information on the pcv valve, check out my previous post:PCV Valve & Breather TubePCV and Intake Manifold Warranty Extension

PCV and Intake Manifold Motor Warranty Extension

10 thoughts on “PCV and Intake Manifold Motor – Volkswagen Warranty Letters

  1. Great website, I’ve really enjoyed reading through your various posts.

    I’m a new owner of a 2008.5 GLI (FSI), and I’ve sufficiently fallen in love with this car, FSI quirks and all. I’d like to ensure that my PVC system is operating properly, and have found conflicting information on various forums.

    Should a properly functions PCV system create significant vacuum at the oil cap? I do not see or sense anything that would suggest that my PCV system is allowing boost into the crankcase, however, my car stumbles and nearly dies when I remove the oil cap at idle. Several posts refer to this as a ‘check; of the PCV system.

    What do you advise? I plan on upgrading to the P revision PCV, but my car is not covered under the warranty.


    • Hi Adam, thanks for reading!

      The FSI is definitely quirky but a really fun engine.

      The PCV system should not be creating a very strong vacuum at the oil cap but there should be some vacuum. The quickest way to test whether the pcv valve is shot is to follow the method on this link – PCV Valve Failure If pressure is leaking into the crankcase, you usually see oil being blown out of the oil cap area. Do you have a boost gauge?

      Do you know what revision is currently on your car?

  2. Ok I need some input please. I took my car into the dealer to have some stuff done, he tells me that at 80K mi on the original cam shaft, cam follower and hpfp are just fine, no wear, but that the tensioner and the chain should be replaced, so much for the extended coverage….they want 1700.00. Given I have been informed of the faulty tensioner and chain, should they fail, they have no liability re covering the cam shaft. Does that sound right to you? PLEASE HELP!

    • What year is your car? TSI or FSI, just for verification? If you have the FSI, did you physically see the cam follower and cam lobe? Verify any wear or lack of with your own eyes first. I have not heard of many chain and tensioner problems with the FSI but it has happened. They were not talking about the timing belt? Have you been noticing any problems or issues? I would suggest you get a second opinion before authorizing the repair at that particular dealer.

  3. Thanx and sorry its a 2006 gti 2.0t fsi 80k one owner but not such a great maint track record.Did not see cam and when i asked the tech[who knows 0 about cars]says it almost back together,then says the mechanic is at lunch and was chocking on his tongue.

  4. So they basically flipped it as so I will be liable for any failure,chain,tensioner and prob cam and so -on.

    • I would really suggest you take it to either another dealer or a well known independent mechanic to get a second opinion. 1700 is a lot of money, especially hinged on the words of someone you don’t currently trust. I can’t tell you if the dealership is lying or not but you don’t seem to think they are telling you the truth?

      If you are mechanically inclined, here are instructions on how to check for yourself: http://www.golfmkv.net/blog/archives/6#

      If you can scan the ECU for problem codes, that would be helpful to you as well.

  5. Yes thanx again man very much grateful.I will def get it outa there and look for myself,didnt intend for that,just went to get some recall,upgrade stuff done and thats what started the shift of money from my bank to theres.[Im a bit of a smartass]Thank you again

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