2.0T FSI Air Filter – Mann Filter OE Equivalent

Mann Filter - Part Number C41 110

I’ve done a few maintenance items the last few days. The fuel filter was one and now the air filter. Mann Filters has an OEM equivalent filter for the 2.0T FSI motor with the part number C41 110. I purchased it from Amazon. Mann most likely makes the original filter but the aftermarket Mann filter has a very slightly different look from the OEM filter. The foam is slightly lighter in color and softer but thicker in overall dimension. The filter material looks the same. It fits perfectly fine in the airbox. Anyway, it was around 15 dollars from Amazon, about 5 dollars cheaper than my local dealership.

Mann Air Filter - C41 110 - Edge Detail

Mann Filter - C41 110


Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter CUK-2939

With spring and summer right around the corner, it might be a good time to check on your cabin air filter.  It is located right underneath the glovebox and is completely worth doing yourself.  No need to pay the dealership a ridiculous amount of money.

Depending on your area and how often you use your A/C, these filters can get dirty real fast.  It’s usually time to check when you notice a bad smell starting to come from the vents.

Here’s an excellent DIY with pictures from the VWVortex.

Amazon has excellent pricing for a Mann cabin air filter.  The part number is CUK 2939.