Euro Cup Holder

Don't mind the round rubber piece, that was temporary until I received the correct rubber mat.

Here is something that I wish our cars would come with from the factory; the sliding cover cup holders from Europe.  Thanks to America’s love of eating in our cars, American versions of the Golf receive slightly deeper cup holders.  They do hold bigger drinks more securely but are just plain ugly compared to the European version.  The Euro version holds regular sized drinks just fine and adds a bit of secure storage since you can slide the cover closed.

Euro cup holder with sliding cover

Admittedly, I’ve been putting this mod off for a long time because I was afraid to tackle it.  According to the excellent installation DIY here, there are a billion screws here.  The actual amount is closer to twenty but trust me, there are a lot of screws.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours in total, working at a leisurely pace.  There is nothing particularly difficult, just a lot of little steps.  Work carefully, as there are many places where you can lose a screw.  I lost one to the abyss of the center console.

All in all, a very fun DIY and cup holder looks great.  The time it takes to replace just adds to the fun factor of having it.  The only problem is that you have to make sure you know which pieces you are getting.  Current versions are shipping with only 1 of the rubber mats and you have to purchase the bottle opener separately.  The mat and the opener are optional but they leave everything looking unfinished.  The bottle opener is a weird piece because it goes for 40-50 dollars from US sellers.  This is NOT worth the money.  Look around on the web for better deals.  The rubber pad is pretty cheap so just pick that up.  It looks ugly without it.

Here are a few part numbers:

1K0 862 531 A UBN – Anthracite / black Euro cup holder

1K0863301B71N – 2nd rubber pad insert

1K0858230A – Plastic bottle opener / divider (these can be found in the eBay UK pretty easily and for a decent price)

A very worthwhile interior mod.  A lot of fun to put in and useful too.

The necessary DIY is here: DIY Euro Cup Holder Installation

Cup holder (Missing one rubber mat, a temporary one in its place)

Dash Tray

Dash Tray

This tray replaces the air vent on the top of the dashboard.  The dash vent is a nice feature but rattles incessantly.  My attempts to fix it have slightly reduced the noise but not stopped it.  This tray removes the source of the rattle and provides a nice little tray to store stuff in.  It only takes a few minutes to install.  Follow this DIY here.

Part Number:

1K0857921D1QB – Dash Tray

I bought mine from ECS Tuning.  Great price and it comes with the rubber mat.

Check it out here:

Dash Tray and the associated DIY.

More dash tray

APR Stage 1 Chip Flash

Go here for my full review-APR Stage 1 Flash

Got this during the summer sale.  I think it ends on the 31st of July, so if you’re on the fence about this, get it now.  Chipping offers you the best dollar to horsepower ration of any mod for the car.  The car feels much more powerful and this is how it should have come from the factory.  If you want to scratch the mod bug, this is worth it.  APR’s stated flywheel horsepower is 252 hp on 93 octane and 303 ft/lbs of torque.  Horsepower at the wheels should be around ~210 to 220 and 260 torque.

Torque doesn’t feel as linear as stock.  Torque is equivalent to stock tuning at lower revs, but now there is a nice wallop of torque once you hit 3000 rpms.  Peak psi is around 21 and tapers of to around 13 or 14 at redline.  The K03 turbo just cant flow that much air at higher rpms.

You don’t need anything to run a stage 1 flash, but just be aware of a few things.  First, you diverter valve may blow. Not catastrophic by any means and it’s quite common, but you won’t hold any boost when it goes.  Second, your pcv may go.  You lose a couple of psi across the board if this happens.  There are aftermarket fixes for both these problems from BSH, Forge, and Eurojet.  I’m sure I’m missing a few more.