This is probably the first mod that most people ever looks at.  Every car enthusiast gets their feet wet with an intake.  Not surprisingly, this is a popular mod for the 2.0T FSI.  Depending on which intake you get, you’ll get a nice growl, hear the diverter valve doing work and maybe pick up a few horses.

That’s right folks, only a few.  If you’re stock, an intake upgrade provides little in the way of power.  It does get rid of that horrible piece of engineering known as the engine cover/air box so all isn’t lost.  Why no power gain?   Well it’s just that the stock intake isn’t really restrictive, nor is the 2.0 pulling enough air to warrant any changes.

However, things change if you decide to pick up a software update, aka get chipped.  Some intakes have been shown to add maybe 5-10 whp on a chipped car.  The actual, factual amount for each intake is of course, unknown, but you do get something.

There several manufacturers that design and make intakes for the GTI.  Each has their own “special” design and unique features.  I’m not going over every one of them because, well, I’m lazy.  Too bad.  But I will give you a run down and a heads up on the not so well designed ones.

Also, note that some of the intakes make a weird, almost flute-like noise at certain rpms.  It seems to be hit and miss with some intakes/cars.  Some claim that the addition of a diverter valve reroute has completely removed the noise.  I had the reroute from day one so I can’t comment on this.


-Again, no first hand experience with the Carbonio (yes, that’s the name), but the one for the 2.0T FSI only replaces the stock scoop with a carbon scoop.  Claims to work but it’s pricey for what it is, and you still have to deal with the stock filter/cover assembly.  Get this one if you want to keep your stock engine cover.


-No first hand experience, but design is pretty standard.  The bracket is known to break so avoid it.  There are better ones.


-Nice concept/design.  Execution lacks a little polish in the details.  For example,  welds are visible, and it looks rather pedestrian.  However, this intake has great performance and mature sound.  It also has a bung for a diverter valve relocation kit if you want to go down that path in the future.  The filter is also well isolated from the engine bay.  This is the one I run and recommend.  Perfect for those who don’t want a  lot of flash.  Comes with an oiled filter.

Note: Earlier versions had a maf holder that was a little out of spec.  It may lead to inaccurate maf readings.  It has since been corrected.  If you’re purchasing used, find out which version it is.  I’ll place up pictures shortly.


-Good design, I think it’s ceramic coated?  Or at least they have the option for it.  Comes with a reusable foam filter.  No heat shield though.

Evolution Motorsport (

-Known as the Evoms intake.  This thing is huge, and made of plastic.  The piece by the turbo inlet is metal though, I believe.  One of the louder intakes.  This also sports a heat shield.  Supposedly makes good power, and equal amounts of noise.  Vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!  Fitment may be a problem with some boost taps, so check out the forums to see if it’ll fit.  You can option either a  dry or oiled filter.

Forge (

-Their Twintake has been getting some good reviews.  No first hand experience but it looks like the build quality and fitment are excellent.  Sports not one, but two filters in separate locations.  I think it comes with oiled filters.  A lower priced, single canister option is also in the pipeline.


-Avoid this one.  It has maf holder sizing issues and will lead to decreased performance.  Someone dropped the ball on this one.  If you see one used, who cares, don’t buy it.  It’ll probably be priced really low.  Stick with the stocker if you want to save some money.

Neuspeed (

-Ah, the quintessential 2.0 intake.  Simple, cheaper than most, and sports an oiled filter.  No heatshield though.  Some people get a loud harmonic at certain rpms, although to seems to happen randomly to some of the other intakes, including the BSH and Evoms.

VF Engineering VF Engineering

-Decently shielded filter.  I don’t know too much about it but people do run it.  Comes with an oiled filter.  Looks like the Neuspeed with a shield, should be fine.

I know, I know, I am missing a lot more.  I am forgetting many of them right now.  Drop me a comment and let me know if I missed a good one.

5 thoughts on “Intakes

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  2. How about Unitronic 2.0 TFSI air intake system? A guy on his YouTube (LastHumansGarage) said it is very good.

    I am thinking of replacing the stock intake system, not for power boost, but for saving time and effort to remove the stock engine cover, and easy access to the engine.

    Any advice on pros and cons of such alternation?

    Kind regards,

    • Eric,

      I must’ve missed this one, sorry for the late reply. I’ve never tried or seen anything about it so I can’t recommend or say much. If it moves the stock maf into it’s own tubing, I’d look to see if fuel trims were being affected.


      On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 4:30 AM, markFive GTI wrote:


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