Important! DSG Voluntary Recall

Notice:  DSG Recall

Volkswagen has acknowledged certain issues with the DSG gearbox and extended the warranty to 100,000 miles.  Follow the link to read up on the details.  Good stuff.

Suspension Made Easy

Well, after a week of tweaking the suspension setup, I think I have finally found a happy medium.  Shock rebound settings are in the right place, no more squeaks and rattles, everything all aligned.  Basically to wrap up all the troubleshooting;

Double check your work!

Make sure the swaybar endlinks are secure – mine looked like they were, but were not and made a hell of a lot of noise on bumpy surfaces.

Sleeve the springs!!!!!!  Buy some vinyl or rubber tubing, split them and wrap the dead coils.  You’ll be much happier.  It gets rid of the springy noises over small surface imperfections.  I now have no more noise at all.

Get an alignment after a week or so.  Handling was shitty until I got one.  Find a good shop in your area.  Front camber is not factory adjustable, neither is caster.  Only toe is.  The rear suspension is fully adjustable however.  The front camber can be evened out on both sides by shifting the front subframe.

Get some decent shocks that can take lowering.  Anything lower than 1.5 or so requires Koni yellows or something similar (Bilstein Sport or H&R cup kit or Autotech…)  If the shocks are adjustable, DON’T set them to full stiff just because – match them to the spring rate.  You’ll be happier with a comfy ride AND handling as well.

If you are planning to DIY, make sure you have all the tools at hand.  If you don’t feel up to the task, no harm in taking it to a good shop, you’ll have a happier end result.  Here’s to canyon carving!

ZOMG! I Fixed The Noise!

It took all of $4.26 and 30 minutes to silence the noise coming from my springs!  Basically, I sleeved the dead coils up top with 1/2″ I.D. vinyl tubing.  Now the coils are no longer in contact with each other.  Vinyl to metal is much quieter than metal to metal.  Oh silence is great.  Off to the alignment shop tomorrow.

Suspension Installed!!!! But-

There are freaking noises.  Like clunking and groaning.  I spent most of the weekend diagnosing the noises.  So far I’ve:

Tightened all related bolts, replaced driverside endlink (old one wouldn’t tighten well anymore), double checked installation, tightened subframe bolts-

I think I got rid of the clunking, all that is left is some spring binding and groaning (normal issues) that I DO have some solutions to.  I will also triple check the top strut nut.  To be fair, I haven’t really let anything settle in yet, so we shall see where the noises go from here.

The car does ride nicely and I love the drop.  I need to dial in some more stiffness in the rear shocks though, the front seems perfectly set already.

Sigh, why can’t things ever turn out like the paper instructions said it would.  Damm you printer!  You lied!

Goodbye R-Line fogs

We hardly knew ye…

Sad times.  Well i’m selling the R-Line front setup.  I need the money for the upcoming semester.  So sad to see them go but I think I’m happy with the stock setup.

Here’s lookin’ at you kid, er R-Line fogs IMG_3244and Jetta lower center grill with ghetto trim.  Hopefully you go to a good home this weekend.