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Here’s a rundown on some of the suspension modifications you can do on the MKV platform-


Springs are another common first mod in many car circles and the MKV is no exception.  They are a fun mod, look good aesthetically and can help handling if done properly.  Beware, lowering the MKV platform too far is detrimental to it’s handling abilities unless you carefully consider the effects it has on the suspension geometry.

There is literally a plethora of spring options available for the MKV.  I suggest sticking to a well known brand, such as Neuspeed, H&R or Eibach.  Don’t limit yourself to these choices but remember that a large company is likely able to help you in case of trouble.  Do your research!!!!  Decide how low of a drop you want, look at pictures of other cars with the same springs, look around on forums.  Don’t take forum suggestions as the last word (because there are a lot of bad suggestions), but they are definitely useful for giving you a basic idea of what you want.

When you purchase a set of stiffer/lower springs, you will want to change the shocks out.  The stock shocks will wear out faster and also be mismatched to the new spring rate, possibly giving you terrible ride quality.  If you cannot afford it, WAIT.  Do the springs and shocks at one time.  It will save you money, time and effort in the long run.  Be sure that the shocks you buy can be paired with the springs you choose.  Koni FSD’s for example, work best with stock or stock like springs.  Nothing too low and nothing too stiff.

The only set of non-oem springs I have used are the Neuspeed sports.  They drop about 1.5 inches while giving a nice ride and preserving most of the handling.  Eibach’s are also nice, dropping less than the Neuspeed’s while being a little stiffer.  You have the VW Driver Gear springs as well, which have dealer support if installed through them.  They drop the least but still give the car a nicer overall height.  There are plenty more options, they’ll be listed here as I research them.

Chassis Bracing

There are only a literal handful of braces for the MKV chassis.  Popular opinion says that the chassis is stiff enough not to require any additional bracing.  I would have to disagree with this, but you’re free to make a choice.

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