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Oil Change Diy

Check out the DIY Oil Change for the 2.0T FSI motor!  Happy wrenching!

LubroMoly 5W-40

LubroMoly 5W-40

New Tires!

I recently got a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires.  Wow, long name.  First impressions so far, they’re great!  The ride is quiet and smooth and they are sticky.  They seem to want more pressure than the stock tires though.  At the stock tire pressure, they felt a little too soft.  Increasing the pressure another 2-3 psi from the door sticker seemed to wake them up a little bit.  Note that the 2008 GTI’s have a recommended tire pressure of 38 psi vs 36 psi for my 07.  I’ll go a little higher and see if the ride/handling improves or starts to take a dive.  They’re not fully through the break-in period yet so I’ll update as they come along.