Howdy All!

Well, I haven’t nearly written as much as I’ve hoped to.  However, school is almost done and hopefully that’ll give me some boredom to write with.  (See what I did there?)

Things recently done to the car:

I just checked the cam follower today for the 2nd time since I got it chipped.  That’s about 10,000 miles ago or so?  At a total of 20,000 miles on the follower, there is no wear on the thing.  Amazing!  I guess I’m lucky.  Still a good idea to keep checking every other oil change or so.  I’m still using Lubro Moly 5w40 and it has done the job so far.

I’ve softened up the shocks and swaybar on my car as well.  The car feels less jittery when set on the softer side of things, and also rides much better.  I want to see if I can go even softer while maintaining the handling.

On the down side, I think one of the rear shocks is leaking.  Dammit, 125 to rebuild. Also, and people, help me out if you can, my rear passenger side is 1/2 higher (measured in fender gap) than the driver side rear.  It’s driving me nuts.  I’m fine with leaving it alone, but I need to know if it’s fine.  More bad news?  A rock tore up my right side foglight but thats no biggie.