AEM Dryflow Filter

If you are interested in replacing the filter on your aftermarket intake system, give AEM’s Dryflow filter design a try.  The filtration media is designed to work dry and requires no oiling.  It’s easier to clean than the K&N oiled filters and is supposed to filter better. Since it uses no oil, it avoids the risk of over oiling the filter and contaminating the MAF.  This is admittedly a rare occurrence if you take care in re-oiling a K&N.   The oiled filter design flows better but I’d sacrifice some flow for filtering any day.  The filter muffles intake noise a bit more than the standard oiled filter so keep that in mind.

This particular filter was fitted to the BSH Trueseal intake.  Take note that the BSH filter is a very narrow design.  The AEM fit there is not much clearance.  It ends up contacting the liner on the hood, not too badly, but it is something to keep track of.  The correct size is a 2.75″ inlet and 5″ length.  I think the part number is 21-202DK.

It is interesting to note that AEM’s Dryflow filters now also have the K&N logos on the box.  The filter division was bought out a little while ago, but nothing seems to have changed, save for the color (now red instead of gray) and the addition of a metal mesh(originally plastic reinforced).  AEM has another line (Bruteforce Dryflow) that maintains the design of the original Dryflow with gray filter media and internal plastic reinforcement.


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