My Car

Just a running list of what I currently use and have on my car.


Jetta Wolfsburg Grill
Jetta Fog Grills with Brushed Chrome Trim
Jetta Center Lower Grill
Euro Spec Front Lip
45/30 Tint


OEM Darkened Tail Lights
DEPO Projector Fogs
Yellow FTP lights


AWE Boost Gauge
Brushed Glovebox Latch
Dash Tray/Vent Delete
Euro Cup Holder
Monster Mats


APR Stage I ECU Tune
BSH Throttle Pipe
Stock Air Cover with Carbonio Intake Scoop
Stock Revision D Diverter Valve
Stock “P” Revision PCV Valve
Stock “B” Version Breather Tube


Stock MKVI Swaybar
Stock MKVI Springs/Shocks
Akebono Euro Ceramic / PBR XBG’s
ATE/Zimmerman Replacement Discs
ATE Superblue Fluid
BSH Pendulum Mount
Stern Rear Subframe Brace
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus
Eurosport Rear Stress Bar


Votex Roof Rack
Thule Peloton Bike Racks
OEM Luggage Rack
Inno Roof Rack Fairing

Updated OE Parts:

Revised Thrust Sensor “K” Revision
Revised In-tank Fuel Pump
Revised Diverter Valve “D” Revision
“P” Revision PCV Valve
“B” Revision Breather Tube
NGK OEM Spark Plugs

Detailing Products


Meguiar’s clay bar
Klasse AIO
Klasse Sealant Glaze
Mother’s Step 3 Carnauba Paste Wax
Mother’s Reflections Top Coat
Mother’s Detailer Spray
Mother’s Reflections Spray Wax
Generic Tire Shine
Stoner’s Trim Spray


Invisible Glass Cleaner
Meguiar’s Dash Detailer
Lexol/Blue Magic Leather Care
Meguiar’s Odor Neutralizer
Shop Vac

+Microfiber towels, a lot of them, choice of car wash soap & generic polisher


OEM or Equivalent Oil Filters
Lubromoly/Pennzoil/Mobil 1 0w40-5w40 Oil
OEM Air Filter
Mann Cabin Filters
OEM Spark Plugs
Pentosin DSG Fluid Changes
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

4 thoughts on “My Car

  1. Hello,

    I’ve found your webpage to be very helpful.
    I’m currently updating a 2007 GTI fsi with 50,400mi.
    I’ve got a bad front right strut, which is being masked by the swaybar.

    Is there no difference at all between the stock Mk6 & Mk5 Swaybars, Shocks & Struts, & Springs?

    I was thinking about the Driver Gear Springs to lower 3/4″, but no lower. (I’m located in Northern Ohio, with rough roads).
    I’m currently replacing my motor & transm. mounts. Currently running BFI Transm. insert stg1, Neuspeed Dogbone Insert, & looking for OEM appearance Motor Side mount.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Hey Michael, glad you’re enjoying the site.

    I originally thought there might have been a difference between the suspensions from the two cars, but further research and anecdotal evidence from the forums suggests that they are exactly the same. I am not even sure if the rear sway bar is larger than the one found on the MKV cars. There are articles floating around the internet that state it is slightly larger, but measurements on the forums are showing otherwise or are inconclusive. As far as I know, the two suspensions are the same.

    The Driver Gear springs are highly regarded if you want to maintain a good ride height with improved handling. Pair them with a set of performance shocks like the Koni Yellows and you have an excellent combination.

    An OEM looking side mount might be difficult to find. You do not want to consider the BSH side mount? The BSH dogbone mount is also a nice upgrade over the insert alone. I ran the insert alone and then the dogbone mount with the insert. The mount and insert combination feels much better.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for posting this information. I have an 07 GTi with some mods on it. I found your page after this deep freeze in MD, froze my Catch can to the point where the car sucked all its oil out and down the exhaust it took 20 miles to do that. I wanted to see about going back to stock to prevent this from happening again. I like your clean lay out and in depth info. Thanks.

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