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8/31/2011 – Added Koni Sport Damper Review

6/21/2011 – Added Akebono Euro Ceramic Brake Pad Review

(6/13/2011) – A major update here!  Compiled a few more reviews and added links to some overviews I have floating around in the site.  More to come!


Akebono Euro Ceramic Brake Pads

-Excellent OEM style replacement brake pad…Read More

APR Stage I Review

-Bang for the buck…Read More

AWE Diverter Valve Relocate

-Very well done relocate at an attractive price…Read More

BSH Dogbone Mount

-Excellent product, highly recommended…Read More

BSH FSI Intake

-Lack of polish holds back an otherwise great intake… Read More

BSH Diverter Valve Review

-Excellent kit, requires aftermarket intake…Read More

Ebay Blue Tinted Aspherical Glass Side Mirrors

Great price, perfect fit and nice glare reduction…Read More



Hawk HPS Brake Pads

-Great stopping power, lack of bite…Read More

Inno Roof Rack Fairing

-Fits stock rack (with extra purchase), may hamper the fit of some accessories…Read More




Koni Sport Damper Review

-Excellent damper that is a perfect compliment to the stock suspension…Read More

OEM Roof Rack

-Nice fit, requires adapters to fit accessories…Read More

Tyrolsport Caliper Bushings

-Improved brake feel and better brake pad wear…Read More

Quick Looks

BSH FSI Throttle Pipe
Carbonio FSI Intake
DEPO Projector Fog Light
Ebay Jetta Foglight Grills
Euro Cup Holder
Lamin-x Foglight Protection Film
Koni Sport Damper – First Look


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